Friday, 26 October 2012

Term 4 Week 1 & 2

Welcome back - we hope you had a well rested break in preparation for term 4!

This term we have so many events on.

Thanks to those parents who attended the Twitter evening last week and don't forget to follow us @PinehillRm14.

Athletics Day: This is held next Wednesday (31st November).  All students will compete in running, jumping and throwing events.  Athletics day will be for the whole day and we have our fingers crossed for good weather!

Cultural Day: This term's focus is looking at Culture and Community.  Next Friday (2nd November).  A notice came home this week with further information.  As part of this day, we will be having a shared lunch.  Click here to see what others from the class are bringing.

I AM MAKING MOVIES 3 - Movie Premier: As you are aware, the year 5's have been involved in making movies for the competition through the Auckland Museum.  We will be showcasing these 3 minute movies on Wednesday 7th November at Albany Events Cinemas.  A letter will be going home next week, so you can secure your tickets (free of charge).  The screening will start at 11am and is due to finish at 12:30pm.  We hope you can all attend this fantastic sharing event.

Here is a little snippet of what happens on a Friday afternoon!
By Georgie, Lio (Rm 16), Emily (Rm 16) and Kerry (Rm 16)

Millionaire Challenge
By Marianne, Paula & Madison

Millionaire Interview E News from Pinehill Yearfive on Vimeo.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Term 3 Week 10 & 11

What a huge 2 weeks we have had!  We have been so busy, we haven't had time to update our blog!

What we have been very busy with the school production of Young Hercules and the I AM MAKING MOVIES, movie making competition!

Things to look forward to next term:
- The I AM MAKING MOVIES will be sent off to the museum for judging in week 3 (entries close noon Sunday 4th November)
- Movie Premier: We have hired an Event cinema! You will get an exclusive invite to this event.  The date is the 7th November from 11 - 12:30pm - more details will be coming out next term, but mark this not-to-be-missed event in your calendar!
- Athletics day will be Wednesday of week 3: fingers crossed for fine weather.
- Next terms focus will be on different cultures & there will be a school-wide cultural day on the Friday of week 3.
- Twitter evening: We will be hosting a Twitter workshop for parents on Wednesday 17th October at 7pm.  This will be a chance for you to get to know what this social media tool can offer in an educational setting and more specifically how we use it in our classrooms.

Have a nice break and we'll see you rearing to go for Term 4!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Term 3 Week 9

Parent Workshop

Well done again to those parents who leaped into Wikispaces this week.  It was great to see a good turn out of Room 14 parents!  The main objective of these evenings is to get you actively involved in your child's online learning.  We use wikispaces in Room 14 and we really want you to be part of this process.
How to get involved:
- create a wikispaces account
- find your child's wikispace
- click on the join now option

- you will be asked to leave a comment when requesting to join a wiki.  In the comment section, please write the relationship you have with your child (e.g. mum, dad, auntie) and the child's name (e.g. Amy's Mum).  As usernames can be obscure, this helps me ensure only known people to the child have access to edit their pages.

An alert will be sent to Miss McCauley's wikispace account (as she is the administrator of all the students wiki's).  Once this is accepted, you will be able to edit and make comments.

- Once you are a member you can use the comment feature to leave specific, meaningful comments for your child

Page of the Week - Marianne's Writers Club Blog
This week's page goes to Marianne for the credit she has given her sources.  This poem has been discussed in Room 14 this week and I really like the way Marianne has acknowledged this idea has come from someone else.  She has also invited people to look at her sources blog - great to see credit where credit is due!

Pinehill Playground Construction
By Taahier & Kalib

This term we have had some construction going on in our school. This video we have prepared for you is about our top playground.

The Movie Making Competition
By Paula & Josh

See how we are making our movies for the Auckland Museum movie making competition.

Quality Comments
By Isaac & Sithumina

Here is how to leave a quality comment on a blog or wikispace. After you watch this video you will know how how to create a really good comment.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Term 3 Week 8

Parent Workshop
A big thanks to those of you who could make the workshop on Wednesday night.  What a great bunch of engaged parents, now I know where their children get it from!  We had such great feedback from the evening, we are going to run a follow-up this coming week on Thursday 13th September at 7pm in Rm 19.  If you missed the first session, come along and start the journey!

The aim of these sessions are to get you actively involved in your child's online world and become a part of their audience.  We would love all parents to have a username and comment on their child's work.  If you know your way around Wikispaces, please become a member of your child's wikispace so you can comment on their work.  Your kids have given such great feedback on the comments that have been made! Thanks for taking the time, it really does motivate your child to succeed to a higher level.

Wiki Page of the Week

The page of the week goes to Madison and her mum.  Madison's Mum has signed up to be part of her daughters Wikispaces.   Here you can see how she has used the comment function to leave a footprint on her daughters page.  Excellent work by both mum and daughter!
Keep it up :)

Sports News
Starring Taahier, David and Kalib

Pathway to Pollution Storyboard
By Madison and Marianne
This is what we have been working on for this week in Literacy.  It is leading up to out I AM MAKING MOVIE entry.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Term 3 Week 7

We have had a very busy week this week!  We had the beep test, started our I AM MAKING MOVIES stories and had a mufti day on Friday to support Daffodil Day.

Parent Workshop: 
We have our first parent workshop this Wednesday at 6pm.  This workshop go through wikispaces - a tool your child uses.  We will look at how you can get involved and show you the basics of using this web-based tool.  Feel free to bring your own device or we will have laptops available.  This workshop will be held in Room 19.

Wiki Page of the Week
This week's page of the week goes to Isaac's Maths page.  He has been busy practising his basic facts and has begun capturing his results and commenting on them.  These results have now been uploaded to his maths wiki page (which he is in the process of tidying up).  It's great to see his progress when practising - keep it up!

What's been going on in Room 14?
In room 14 we have started making our animation for the I AM MAKING MOVIES competition  we have prepared a interview on what we have done so far with Kalib. We also have did the beep test this week and we made an interview on the beep test with Madison we hope you enjoy this PRO interview.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Term 3 Week 6

Welcome to the first edition of our eNewsletter.

Wikispace Page of the Week: Jennifer's Blog
By Miss McCauley
This week's page of the week is a great example of a reflection of the week.  Jennifer has described some of the events and tried to explain her statements.  Jennifer also keeps up-to-date with her blog, updating at least once a week.  It is also great to see her describe any issues she has had and how she worked through the problem.

A great read...keep it up!

Click here to read more

Rm 14's 30 Second Movie Making Challenge 
By Isaac

By Kalib

Our class have been doing swimming lessons at the millinenum institute I asked Georgie in my class what she thought....

- Diving off professionals diving board
- Tumble turns

- How to brush of the wall
- How to dive of the diving board professionally

- Yes

- Yes

- Breaststroke: Proficient
- Butterfly: Proficient
- Backstroke: Proficient
- Freestyle: Advanced

Swimming and Maths Interview
By Taahier
Starring Georgie and Josh

Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello, Hi, Kia Ora, ¡Hola!, 你好 , G'day, 你好, Hej, Bula, Guten tag, Aloha, 今日は, 안녕하세요,  Cześć, Salut, Здравствуйте, Talofa, Sawubona and Selamat!

Welcome to Room 14's weekly newsletter.

We will aim to update this every Friday.

Our updates may include:
- Wiki page of the week
- Interviews with students/ teachers about events coming up or events that have been
- Updates about what we have been learning about in the week just been.

And much, much more...